Thursday, 5 May 2011

Protest the Hero - Scurrilous

RATING: 8/10
Scurrilous is Protest the Hero's third full length studio album. Following the success of the other two records, "Kezia" & "Fortress," Scurrilous definitely has something to prove to it's two older brothers. Overall Scurrilous heads to a more "prog-rock" region of PTH's repertoire, and does it well. Each track is more manic than the last, leaving you asking what you were just listening to. However, like all Protest the Hero records, there's plenty of room for awfully catchy hooks... This has been the reason people either love or hate PTH. Scurrilous isn't really a serious Prog-rock album, It's not a serious metal album. It's not a pop album... What is it? It's terrific. The lyrics and overall songwriting have been seriously improved - though the song structure is sometimes hard to identify. Instrumentals are as technical as ever, though it's not as flaunted as it was in "Fortress." My only bone to pick with the album is the switch from one track to another. One of the reasons "Kezia" was praised was for it's cohesiveness as an album. Everything fit so well together. Scurrilous maintains short tracks, and not as much cohesion as I would appreciate... Though each track is excellent.

Notable Tracks:
"Termites" Contains some of the best vocal work on the album, and slows some stuff down.

"C'est la Vie" is the opening track on the record and sets the tone for the whole album.

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  1. PTH has some good songs, but I don't know if I'd be able to sit through an entire album of theirs.